Contacts sync problems with kpilot in KDE4

After the update to KDE4 the first synchronisation attempts resulted in duplicate entries on Palm and in kaddressbook. To be more precise all entries with birthday information were duplicated.

Background: I have defined a custom field "birthday" which was mapped to kaddressbook’s birthday field in previous versions of kpilot. Unfourtunately the linking doesn’t seem to work anymore in new kpilot version.

You can define a linking of the custom fields in the settings dialog of the contacts conduit but you will not be able to save it. It seems to be a GUI issue – the OK and Apply-Buttons are always greyed out. However you can manually tweak the configuration file ~/.kde/share/config/kpilot_contactsrc (named kpilot_addressconduitrc in previous kpilot version):

Custom 0=eCustomBirthdate

Unfourtunately with an user defined date format like above kpilot crashes when the settings dialog is opened. It does not crash as long as you provide a date format which can be matched against the predefined selection in the combo box.

I tried several settings, but I was not able to get the custom fields correctly synchronized. So in fact the best and safest setting up to now is to completely leave out the "Custom" lines in the config file and have the birthday information solely in the palm. With this configuration at least they won’t be overwritten.