Howto backup hosted nextcloud

In a hosted environment you ususally don’t have direct access to the database where calendars and contacts are stored.

And even when the provider has some sort of backup

  • you don’t really own it, because you can’t download it
    • e.g. you don’t can’t just migrate in case you are locked out for some reason
  • its an “all or nothing” story when it comes to restores
    • the whole instance/account is reset to some point in time
    • any change in between the last backup is effectively overwritten


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Howto export an encrypted borgbackup archive

Borgbackup is a deduplicating backup program with encryption and compresssion. It uses a sophisticated storage format to fullfill those features.

Each backup run is stored in a so called archive. Sometimes you may want to keep a specific archive in long term storage – indepenend of any specific software specific format – let say as regular tar file.

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Script to duplicate most recent duplicity backups

Just added a script to github which takes care of duplicating the most recent duplicity backup files.

You can specify the amount of past backups runs. By default the last two full backups and their incrementals are copied, older files are automatically deleted (sliding window of most recent backups).

Use this script to add another level of redunancy in case that the main backup location fails.

The software, i.e. file naming conventions has been tested with duplicity version 0.6.13 (yes I know, quite old).

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