SWAG and WordPress in a subfolder

Desired setup

A SWAG reverse proxy should forward requests to WordPress running in the official wordpress docker image. The URL which is served by the reverse proxy is not the domain root, but a subfolder “blog”: https://www.example.com/blog.

What does not work

Letting the docker image itself serve wordpress in the root folder and write some clever proxy / rewrite rules. At first it seems to work, but when it comes wp-admin URLs like https://www.example.com/blog/wp-admin a magic redirection happens to https://www.example.com/wp-admin which points to outside the WordPress installation.

Fiddling around with RELOCATE, WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL does not solve the problem.

As it turns out WordPress needs to know the fact that it is installed in a subfolder, quote:

What you’ll want to do is run your WordPress container with WORKDIR set to /var/www/html/lab so it knows it is in a subdirectory and acts accordingly.

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Wie man http-Server unter Python mockt

Führt der eigene Code http-Calls aus, z.B. um Dateien von einem externen Server runterzuladen stellt sich die Frage nach der Testbarkeit. Idealerweise ist der Code so aufgebaut, daß er nicht direkt von einer http-Library abhängt und man entsprechende Calls mocken kann. Ist dies nicht einfach möglich, kann man den in der Standarlibrary eingebauten http.server als localhost-Gegenstelle für Tests verwenden.

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Start firefox with a clean profile

There are numerous plugins for Firefox, some of them are very useful as they provide anti-tracking, security and privacy related features.

Nevertheless there are some websites having problems with these plugins. Private browsing mode is not an option in this case as by default most of the plugins are activated there too. If you just need to get things done quickly usually its the best to start with an empty profile in this case.

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