Ubuntu 15.10 fulldisk encryption howto

The following howto has been partly stolen from somewhere else . I adapted it to my situation. The main setup is the same: The whole installation (swap + root fs + home) should reside in a single encrypted container so that at boot we only have to provide one password and hibernate is encrypted too. Only the bootloader is unencrpyted.

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Terminal screensharing with screen (howto)

on server / computer hosting the meeting:

add user remoteguest:

useradd -m remoteguest

set suid:

chmod u+s /usr/bin/screen

give read permission:

chmod a+r /var/run/screen

share terminal session:

screen -L -S Multiuser

Set multiuser permission (hit Ctrl-A to enter commands when in screen):

:multiuser on 
:acladd remoteguest

on client / participant

login to host / server:

ssh ...

$USERNAME is the user under which you started the first screen command:

screen -x $USERNAME/Multiuser
ssh remoteguest@
screen -x glutz/Multiuser

Wie man Sprachpakete unter Ubuntu nachinstalliert

check-language-support erlaubt es Sprachpakete z.B. für deutsch in einer bestehenden Installation nachzuinstallieren:

sudo apt-get -y install $(check-language-support -l de)

Manche Programme erscheinen eventuell trotzdem nicht deutsch, weil sie eigene Systeme zur Internationalisierung benutzen, die sich nicht auf das Nachinstallieren von Debian-Pakete abbilden lassen.