Jenkins and case sensitive environment variables

Some tools demand environment variables to be present in a certain case. E.g. some libraries read out the proxy configuration in the environment variable HTTP_PROXY (all uppercase), while some refer to the lower case variant http_proxy. An example of the later is libcurl. So in any case you want to set both variants.

Unfortunately Jenkins has some problems passing all variants from the build host environment and is mixing up things. It doesn’t seem that the problem is fixed anytime soon.

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Howto export an encrypted borgbackup archive

Borgbackup is a deduplicating backup program with encryption and compresssion. It uses a sophisticated storage format to fullfill those features.

Each backup run is stored in a so called archive. Sometimes you may want to keep a specific archive in long term storage – indepenend of any specific software specific format – let say as regular tar file.

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