Mozilla Browser

Log SSL-Connections:

To log SSL-connections for imap-sessions enter

# export NSPR_LOG_FILE=/tmp/mozlog.txt

and start mozilla.

Update: This does also work with thunderbird and firefox. See also Mozilla Wiki

Change user agent string:

In prefs.js:

user_pref("general.useragent.override", "my own useragent string");

Ausgabe X/Y-Position der Maus in einer figure in Matlab

Mit dem Befehl ginput(n) können n X/Y-Positionswerte durch Klicken mit der Maus aus einer figure ausgelesen werden. Die Positionswerte entsprechen dabei dem tatsächlichen Koordinatensystem (es werden nicht die Positionswerte des Fensters zurückgeliefert).

Bash wraps long lines in the same line

From: Thomas Achtemichuk>
 Subject: Re: anoying terminal
 Newsgroups: gmane.linux.gentoo.user
 Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 13:49:19 +0000
On 12/04/03 11:05:43, Helder Rossa wrote:
> my terminal in gnome when I'm writing a command bigger than the console
> size it wraps the text to the same line that i was witting on :-S .

By default bash doesn't check it's window size after every command. The  
good thing is that you can make it. Add "shopt -s checkwinsize" to your
~/.bashrc or /etc/profile. Works like a charm.

To reproduce the "error":
man bash
resize the window
quit, and type a long string at the prompt.

It will wrap at the window's original width and wrap onto the same line.
echo "shopt -s checkwinsize" >> ~/.bashrc (or /etc/profile)
source ~/.bashrc
try again

It works correctly!

In my opinion this is something (along with a decent PS1) that should be  
added to the default /etc/profile or /etc/skel/.bashrc and the user should  
never have to set by themselves.

Thomas Achtemichuk

Doubletten in Datenbank finden

Gegeben sei ein Tabelle t, die Doubletten in der Spalte s hat. Außerdem hat die Tabelle noch einen Primary Key in der Spalte id.

Folgender Code findet die Doubletten:

SELECT t1.s, t2.s FROM t AS t1, t as t2
WHERE ( (t1.s=t2.s) AND ( < );

Würde “<>” stehen, würden alle Doubletten zweimal auftauchen. Sollen Doubletten aus zwei verschiedenen Tabellen abgeglichen werden, hat man diese Probleme natürlich nicht.