Baculas autolabeling feature is not fault-tolerant

When Bacula needs a new tape in a pool, it can automatically label a blank one and write to it afterwards. Unfourtunatley the database/catalog entry is created before the new tape is known to be labeled successfully. So it can happen, that when an unappropriate tape (e.g. already labeled, from another pool) is in the … Continue reading “Baculas autolabeling feature is not fault-tolerant”

Work related to Bacula

I wrote this article originally back in 2006 and updated it the last time on 2006-09-12. It was originally available at  The information you find below might be rather outdated now and I don’t plan to work on it further, but I put it in the blog for archival purposes on this particular date … Continue reading “Work related to Bacula”

RPM-Installation von Bacula und Datenbank-Scripte

Nach einer RPM-Installation von Bacula funktionieren die Skripte in /etc/bacula, die sich um die Datenbank kümmern, nicht mehr richtig. Der Grund dafür ist, daß in diesen Dateien u.a. der Pfad zu den Datenbank-Clientprogrammen von MySql, Postgresql und Sqlite relativ zu dem Pfad /root/rpmbuild/BUILD/bacula-1.38.11 definiert wird. Dieser Pfad existiert jedoch nur während des Build-Prozesses. Auf einer … Continue reading “RPM-Installation von Bacula und Datenbank-Scripte”